Step-by-Step Lawsuit Defense Course FREE INSTANT ONLINE ACCESS

I'm Ian Chowdhury, the attorney who runs the California Collection Defense website.

I created an online course on how to defend against a California debt collection lawsuit. It is absolutely FREE...for now.

You need this course if you've been hit with a credit card collection lawsuit in California court.

After you sign up for the course, you'll also have the option of purchasing the step-by-step e-book that you may have heard about on how to prepare, serve and file an "answer," (the e-book is optional, it only costs $8 and is only available for people who enroll in the free course).

Streaming video lessons will also cover, in detail, the major aspects of understanding the debt collection case.  You can click here to sign up.

This is a course that I could definitely sell for money, but I want to make it available for free to as many people as possible.

Do you want to see a sample so you know what you're getting before you plunk down your $0? I get it. I'm a cynic too. Here you go:

You can sign up by clicking any link on the page, or by using this sign up button:

"What's the catch?" you might ask.

After all, I do represent consumers against debt collection cases, so why am I giving away all the information for free?

I don't mind telling you:  The "catch" is that it is in my own self-interest to help as many people as I can for free.

People who are the right fit for me will want to hire me to represent them if they possibly can.  Nobody WANTS to handle a lawsuit alone. Basically, I'm not losing any business by doing this.

Meanwhile, this course helps a LOT of people whose cases I simply can't take on.

And that helps ALL of us: As large masses of people learn to resist debt collection lawsuits, debt collection attorneys have to spread themselves ever more thinly and can spend less time on any one of their cases.  Let me rephrase a bit: Those jack asses can't take all of us on at once!

That's good for you, it's good for me, it's good for society, and it's absolutely DEVASTATING to the corrupt debt collection industry. :-)

The unfortunate fact is I may eventually have to start charging future students, because the course will inevitably start to consume a larger portion of my time.

But that doesn't affect you, because you can get in under the wire, by clicking the "SIGN UP" button, above, or any of the sign up links on this page.

One more thing.  To make sure you get what you need, I am offering one more perk with this free course:  Members will be able to call in to periodic conference calls with me (consumer attorney, Ian Chowdhury).

You will be able to submit questions in advance of the call, and then approximately once a month I will address those topics on the live call.

Please share this page with your friends and acquaintances on Facebook and elsewhere; I promise you some other people you know are facing a debt collection lawsuit -- it's not the sort of thing that people talk about, but it IS happing to them.

DISCLAIMER:  Hopefully, this is already obvious, but neither signing up for the course nor using the e-book means that Ian Chowdhury is your attorney.  Ian Chowdhury is not your attorney unless you have a signed written contract stating that he is.  Don't make Ian Chowdhury angry by claiming otherwise.

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