Attorney Representation

Hi, my name is Ian Chowdhury.  I’m a California consumer attorney, and I’ve been practicing law since 1998.  I have had a lot of success on behalf of clients facing collection lawsuits.

I invite you to visit my scheduling page to set up a 15-minute, free telephone conversation with me about whether I can represent you. I make a certain number of time-slots available for this each week. You’ll find, I’m relatively non-scary to talk to (for an attorney), so go ahead and click to schedule.

***But first, please make note of one important fact; I’m not currently taking on matters where the debt collector has already obtained a judgment against you.*** If you schedule an appointment to address such a situation, I will cancel that appointment.

In addition to the reasons you’ll see in the client testimonials all over the website, hiring me to represent you has the following benefits:

Knowing in Advance how Much it Costs.  Usually you’ll pay me $1,400 for legal fees when you have been sued for $10,000 or less, plus costs of about $350.  If you are sued for between $10,000 and $25,000 then you will usually pay me $2,800 in legal fees plus costs of about $500.  Obviously, I’d have to hear about the details of your case to nail that down — this is just how it usually works out (you’ll know for sure before you hire me).

Affordable Payments.  Very frequently, people ask if the attorney fee can be divided into payments — now the answer is yes.   If I accept your case, you can enjoy attorney representation for as little as $99 per month towards your attorney’s fee.

Peace of Mind. You could represent yourself, but then you would constantly be uncertain of whether you were making the best move. If you hired a different attorney, then you might wonder if (1) your attorney really knows how to handle this particular type of case, and (2) whether s/he is committed getting the best possible result for you (versus simply getting the easiest possible result to justify his or her fee).  If  you don’t come away from our conversation feeling 100% confident of both those things, I’m always happy to recommend a colleague, so you can find the attorney whom you believe is the best fit for you.

• Time.  Representing yourself takes time and energy.  Lots, and lots of time and energy.  It is much quicker and easier for me, because I do it all the time.  Realistically, what I can knock out in 15-minutes would take you the entire weekend, simply because I’ve done that same task 2,000 in the last 10 years.  Unless you simply cannot afford to be represented (in which case you should check out the DIY option on the site), you owe it to yourself to hire an attorney.  You might literally save a year or so of your life.

• The Likelihood of a Better Outcome. I’m proud to say that I have a very high rate of client satisfaction (I refer you again to the testimonials).  I believe this is, in part, because in each case, until I see some strong reason to the contrary, my goal is to give the debt collector nothing.  Nada.  None of your money.

Where appropriate I’ll also sue the debt collector right back.  Does that mean that none of my clients have ever ended up paying a settlement to the debt collector?  No, it doesn’t mean that at all, and I’ll make no such promise.  Every case is different, and no result is typical.  But my number one goal is to deprive those debt collection leeches at every possible turn, while saving your money.

The attorneys on the other side know me well, and they’d much rather face one of the many self-proclaimed “reasonable” attorneys whose modus operandi is to funnel their clients’ money into the debt collectors’ pockets just to make their own lives easier.  In which situation do you think the debt collector is more likely to drop the case before trial?

And perhaps the best benefit of having me represent you:

• A Good Night’s Sleep. I understand what this is like.  Schedule an appointment to talk with me personally for 15-minutes, and see if I can take your case.  If I can take your case, the burden will be mine and you really will get a good night’s sleep.  If I can’t take your case, I’ll point out some other options to help you.