Law Coach for Self Representation

If you’re being sued for credit card debts, you probably can’t afford to have a team of lawyers on retainer, waiting to jump in and shield you from every legal difficulty.  But what if you could at least get some occasional telephone guidance from an attorney who does this sort of thing for a living.

If you’re exploring this website, your not the sort of person who wants to hand money over to some jerk debt collector.  You’ve got the courage to fight the power.  Dang it, now you’ve gone and got me all inspired, and I I want to help you out somehow.  What can I do? I know, when you don’t have time to figure something out about defending your debt collection case, or when you want to brainstorm some strategies, call me.  I’ve probably run into your issue 1,000 times before.

I’m Ian Chowdhury, by the way.  I’m a California consumer attorney, and I’ve been practicing law since 1998.  I have had a lot of success on behalf of clients facing collection lawsuits.

If you can’t hire me to represent you as your attorney of record in the case, think of me as a law coach available for discount telephone consultations (only for consumers representing themselves against debt collectors).  Whenever you need to, I invite you to visit my scheduling page to set up a 30-minute telephonic coaching session for $100.

I’ll make it count. You’ll also find I’m relatively non-scary to talk to (for an attorney), so go ahead and click to schedule.

In addition to the reasons you’ll see in the client testimonials all over the website, coming to me has the following benefits:

A Discount Rate For Consumers Facing Debt Collection Issues.  You get a full half-hour consultation with me for $100.  That is one-quarter of my full rate of $400 per hour.  (When consumers hire me for a debt collection defense case I usually arrange it so that the consumer only pays $1,400 or $2,800 in legal fees depending on the size of the case.)

Your Money Back if You Do Not Think it Was Worth It.  If you conclude that I did not hold up my end of the bargain, I don’t want to keep your money.  Hey, maybe you come up with a rare issue I’ve never heard before and I just can’t help you come up with a good approach.  Or whatever. If you ask for your money back within 24-hours after the consultation, I will promptly and politely refund it with no hard feelings.

Peace of Mind. You probably don’t get sued everyday (though it might seem like that if you have been going through tough times. these past few years).  If you come up with a certain approach or want to do things a certain way, wouldn’t it be good if there was an experienced attorney a phone call away to tell you when your plan is bat-shit crazy? :-)  I’m happy to be that guy.  That’s what you call peace of mind.

• Time Saved.  Representing yourself takes time and energy.  Lots, and lots of time and energy.  It is much quicker and easier for me, because I do it all the time.  Realistically, what I can knock out in 15-minutes would take you the entire weekend, simply because I’ve done that same task 2,000 in the last 10 years.  I cannot magically put years of experience under your belt, but I can still save you a heck of a lot of time, simply by telling you what you need to do.

• Improved OddsLet me be perfectly honest here, your chances as a self-represented litigant are not as good as if you were able to hire an attorney.  However, if you invest in the proper support by arranging a law coaching session when you need it, you can increase your chances a lot.  Consumers who don’t know what they are doing crash and burn very quickly in court, and it is ugly to watch.  Consumers who do everything right, can hold their own; and frankly there is nothing more satisfying than when an unrepresented consumer kicks the ass of the debt collection attorney.

• A Good Night’s Sleep. Knowing that you are handling things in the best way possible, that it matches up with what a debt collection defense attorney would do?  Believe me, it takes the stress off.  And you’ll handle your case much better if you’re not exhausted from weeks and months of sleepless nights.