Testimonial from Dave

I contacted Ian about two years ago in regards to being served TWICE by a large credit card collector (Cache).  It was the BEST thing I could have ever done in this situation.  He explained the process in full detail, as I usually find legal terms a bunch of jargon, and he had eased all of my anxiety (which was quite a bit).  The first suit was for $20,000 and the second was for $11,000.  Ian said that I wouldn’t hear anything for about a year and to hope that the case would be dropped, which happens sometimes, but to be prepared to meet on the court date.  Unfortunately we did end up meeting at the Norwalk Court and Cache was ready to battle.

Ian and Cache met before we were to see the judge and they offered to settle for a lesser amount of $6000.  I felt since I had already gone this far that I would take my chances and fight.  It was a great thing I did because once Ian presented my case of how they had purchased bad debt without proper legal documentation the judge threw the case out!!! Ian’s opening statement and the judge’s decision were the longest 5 minutes of my life but because of Ian’s professionalism and extremely well spoken words I didn’t have to testify.

This led to Cache having no second case against me of the other amount of $11,000 and it was dropped to $0.  Approximately two months after this outcome my credit score increased about 150 points.

So here I am extremely happy and satisfied 4 months after the court date I receive a message from Ian that he won the court costs against Cache and he will be sending me a check of $1400!!!  I could not believe it!  This guy is awesome.  Take it from me and contact him if you ever find yourself in this horrendous situation.