Testimonial from Glen R., Bay Area, CA

A year ago, a junky debt buyer, aka JDB, summoned me and I confidently answered back. Although I felt I could defend myself in Pro Per, due to my lack of experience, I did not want to risk not raising the appropriate defenses or objections that would damage my case. I researched online and I found Ian’s website, California Collection Defense. After reading his interesting portfolio, blogs, and testimonials, I decided to schedule a complimentary consultation and after speaking with him, I knew he was going to be my attorney. His knowledge, experience, and confidence speak for itself. He is a great communicator and most importantly, he listens. He was always “on top of things” pertaining to my case and kept me well informed. He never guaranteed the outcome of my case, but his confidence reassured me my chances were good. We were ready to have the proposing party prove their case against me.

Last night, the Giants won the World Series and I received great news from Ian that the JDB suing me folded. Due to confidential reasons, I cannot exploit who the JDB is or reveal the terms of the settlement. Although I have not met Ian in person, I know he is a genuine human being. He is a true consumer’s advocate who really cares and without a doubt, I highly and respectfully commend him for his efforts in defending my case. This being said, if I ever have to go through this persecution again and I hope I never will, I would without a doubt certainly choose Ian to be my wing-man.