Testimonial from Kenneth Mackenzie

Years ago, I received a forceful phone call from a debt collector, that rocked my world. I later had a heart attack that led to two stents. Another story.

The debt collector said that he would sue me, take me to court, the whole nine yards. Where ever that would lead, it would not turn out well for me. I was petrified.

A week later, I was “sewer-served” some legal paperwork. It was handed to my 14-year-old son, who “looked eighteen”, while I was at work. I felt devastated. What could I do?

I went onto the internet to see what I could do for myself. Small claims court…filing legal paperwork…the CORRECT paperwork…at the correct time…meet with brutal debt-collection lawyers…too much…then I saw Ian’s web site.

I could sense the passion behind his chosen line of work – taking on Debt Collectors. I gave Ian a call and we quickly hit it off. We met to discuss the details of the case, then Ian was off: filing the paperwork to counter their claims; keeping the judge abreast of their delaying and stalling tactics. Debt collectors usually go unopposed through the court proceedings, and judges get lax to their behavior. Ian kept ahead of their legal games, while making me aware of each step that we took towards our goal. I now felt safe.

I paid for all the filing fees, while Ian worked on contingency. After a few rounds/weeks of paperwork, I gave a deposition to their lawyers, Ian by my side. At this point, they had already lost, and were saving a little bit of face, by having me sit across the table from them. Perhaps they wanted to see the lawyer that had brought them to their knees?

Ian got all his legal fees paid, I got my filing fees paid and a little bit extra. If I ever have, or hear of anyone having problems with, a heavy-handed debt collector, I know who to turn to – Ian Chowdhury.

Thank you, Ian.