Testimonial from Mitch F.

If you are dealing with a collection agency such as Cach LLC or Mandarich Law Group, Ian Chowdhury is the guy to talk to. I came across his California Collection Defense website while trying to figure out how to address these organizations. At wit’s end with them, I figured I had nothing to lose by signing up for the 15 minute, free consultation Ian offered.

I set a time in the evening to discuss my situation and he called as scheduled on the dot. What impressed me most is that even tho’ the 15 minute call is free, Ian had taken the time to investigate my case with the court records prior to our conversation so he was really giving me some bonus time and effort so that our 15 minutes would actually be useful. But, what was most important to me was that Ian made the conversation as comfortable as it could be. He listened well, gave good advice, and I was really impressed at how non-judgmental he was in his approach. People get into financial jams for all kinds of reasons. He wasn’t concerned about that. He stayed focused on how to help me out and keeping me at ease. Dealing with a lawyer can be very intimidating, but Ian swept that feeling away so we could get into options and solutions. He demonstrated both competence and professionalism of the highest standard. His advice was extremely helpful. With any luck, I will not have to actually hire him. But, if I have to go further with this case, he is the first person I will turn to.

If you are in a similar situation, I really, really, really recommend that you take advantage of his generous offer of a 15 minute consultation. It is not a 15 minute sales pitch to hire him. It is quality advice so you can make an informed decision about how to approach your options.