Testimonial from Rosemary Kalweit (Spano)

I have always done a lot of research before I purchase anything. I needed a lawyer that would help me with Capital One, the Barracudas of their industry. They lie, cheat and are unscrupulous. I should have sued them for harassment, as well as calling me 5-10 times a day under different area codes. That’s just part of it. Anyway, I found Ian Chowdhury on the internet. Though his CV was not extensive, it was concise and seemed straight forward and honest. Bottom line was and he is and got the job done. He was great. He was responsive and helped me in every way he could…He understands the corporate world trying to squeeze out the individual because of their legal power. Ian is smart and knows how to deal with the idiot lawyers…He is also a nice person..I happen to like “nice” as well…

As a previous person rated Ian, on a scale of 1-10, I would give him an 11….
I highly recommend Ian Chowhurdy.