Testimonial from S.Robison

Ian has been a blessing to me and I respect his knowledge and advice. I have never personally met Ian but he has communicated with me via the phone and email regarding my own personal legal battles. I was at a loss as how to handled a situation and was frantically calling everyone in the phone book and on the internet trying to get help. That is how I happen upon Ian Chowdhury on the internet.

I requested a call back from his online call reservation system at his californiacollectiondefense.com which allowed me to pick the time I preferred him to call me back. I made a call reservation and I didn’t have to sit by the phone waiting and hoping for a call back. I knew exactly the time to be at the phone. He did as promised and called on the dot. I actually missed the first call and thought I would never get another call from this guy again. To my surprise his message he left say if I wanted another call back just reserve another time slot. So I did and made it later in the evening and again the call came in right on the dot.

The call was very pleasant, professional and informative and there was no pressure from this guy at all. He knew what I was going through and made me feel less nervous, less anxious and gave me hope where I thought there was none. He gave good sound advice that made a lot of since.. Even though I live in Sacramento Ca. and he is Los Angeles based he has made me feel as if he is just a few mile away. I will definitely refer him to everyone I know, no matter where they live. I have no problems with giving this guy a five star rating. I am sure you won’t either.